Tate's Export Guide

The essential guide for exporters

Covers the essential requirements for documentation and procedures involved in exporting to over 200 countries of the world. Established for over 25 years, it is the leading international trade reference publication and essential companion to all those concerned with exporting. The Guide saves you time and money in processing shipments, documents, and getting paid. It provides peace-of-mind knowing you have all the information for processing exports at your fingertips!

✔ From Afghanistan to Zimbabwe - relevant, comprehensive, updated export information to over 200 countries

✔ Documentary and shipping requirements, customs and financial considerations

✔ Updated every two months

✔ Available online and complete reprinted updates

✔ Recommended by UK Chambers of Commerce

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Comprising a County Section, General Section, International Trade Briefing, and Helpline.

The Country Section includes detailed references on export documentation, customs, useful contacts, and shipping requirements for almost all countries. Each country has a unique set of requirements as a result of many factors. The Guide breaks these down in a way that can support the activities of busy export administrators. It provides answers to questions such as; do I need an EUR1, what documents should I complete and am I required to enter any special declarations on my paperwork?

The General Section helps explain the Country Section content and explores key international trade topics like - Incoterms 2020, Export Controls, Certificates of Origin, HM Revenue & Customs, Bonds and Guarantees, Obtaining Payment and much more...

Trade News provides an insightful country commentary, reviews of new regulations and Q&As. For all your questions about export order processing, you have the comfort of our Helpline, where our panel of international trade experts will give you the benefit of their extensive knowledge and experience.

Country Section Content 

✔ Useful contacts and addresses

✔ General information - political, main sea and airports,         electrical supply, public holidays, travel advice

✔ Documentary requirements - Certificate of Origin, EUR1,     Invoice, Legalisation, Packing List and Bill of Lading

✔ Exchange controls

✔ Products with special requirements

✔ Customs procedures, legal and inspection

✔ Packing and marking

✔ Cargo insurance and Maritime Law

✔ Postal Exports - prohibitions and restrictions

New Features


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✔ International Trade Q&As

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